Student Activities

Leadership Programs

The Student Activities Office (SAO) serves as a central hub for leadership development that is applicable throughout campus.

SAO offers a number of opportunities for students to take on leadership roles and develop leadership skills. SAO supports student leadership roles through individual advising efforts as well as collective workshops, training and information sessions with the goal of supporting student leadership growth while at Brown and providing transferable skills that sustain lifelong learning. 

Leadership Roles

There are many leadership roles that students take part in while at Brown. Formal roles like Student Government, Recognized Organization Leadership, Peer Facilitators, and BOLT Leaders provide experiential opportunities for students to apply their leadership skills to practical situations. These skills are transferable to informal leadership roles in the classroom, as student employees, on teams, and in their communities.

BOLT is the only outdoor education program in the United States that is designed to bring together sophomores and new transfer/RUE students and provide them with a shared outdoor experience and continued group activities throughout the fall.
Students make significant and lasting impacts on Brown. Each year, various offices solicit nominations for awards to recognize the efforts of students - including the Student Activities Office.


Workshops offer spaces for students to collaboratively develop specific leadership skills that can help them be more effective in their roles as leaders on campus. Topics for workshops include:

  • Inclusive and Collaborative Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Developing Judgement and Decision Making Skills
  • Aligning Vision and Action
  • Problem Solving and Overcoming Adversity
  • Tools for Developing and Practicing Self-Awareness

Workshops are offered throughout the semester. Check back in for a schedule of Workshops in the Fall of 2023.


Trainings expand upon the leadership workshops to provide space for students to practice the skills that they have learned before applying them to their individual communities. These experiences are interdisciplinary, collaborative, and offer spaces for critical reflection to help encourage transferability.

Specific training opportunities will be offered multiple times throughout the Fall and Spring semester. Check back in for more details on Student Leadership Trainings.

Roundtable Series

Roundtables bring guests from around the University to provide context for how they use various leadership skills in their everyday experiences. These guests offer a glimpse into how to transfer the skills and experiences that students develop into life after brown, helping students to contextualize their trainings and workshops and set future goals for leadership development.

Roundtables are held a few times each semester with a rotating speakers. Check back for specific dates and Guest Speaker list.